The Xie Tapes – DifRad 002

Eric Cordier
Thirteen far-east psychedelic songs Vol2 – The Xie Tapes
Electroacoustique 2007-2021

Thirteen far-east psychedelic songs (Bonus)
1 Chant Second 15:22

The Xie Tapes
2 Chant 10 / L’homme qui fait faire un clin d’oeil aux étoiles
3 Midnight Boogie City 04:46
4 Le sorbet à la lumière d’étoiles 06:06
5 Chant Sixième / L’histoire de l’homme qui est tombé du ciel 10:51
6 Pique-Nique 02:57
7 La nuit picabiène de XIE 11:09
8 L’anneau disparu 05:55
9 Picabian night in Tohoku 10:03

Released & unreleased musics composed for a France Culture broadcasting with help from :
Nathalie Salles : Advices & additional samples.
Pierric Charles = Binaural miixs
IMHO / Benoit Maurer for the sleeve.

Silk Printed Cdr, Quadrichromic Jacket, Traycard : hand-made drawings on leather or material, mixed technics


Comes in 6 or 18 or 36 or 50 cds boxes :

The DifRad Boxes.

Luxuous strong cardboard boxes with hand-made drawings, mixed technics.
Please contact us before any order, to match the Cds and choose the kind of DifRad Box and the kind of packaging of the cds various options. You can get an idea on Prele Records.
It is a work in progress.

The photos of the hand made traycards, are not contractual, only here to give an idea of the fact that it will be unique.

Shipping delays can be long according to the fact I’m on tour quite often.

DifRad 002